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Pat Smith of Pat Smith Yoga
Pat Smith

Owner Pat Smith Scott has been a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher since 2001 and is currently pursuing 500 level certification. A patient and experienced teacher, Pat taught dance in New York and Arizona for many years.  She found her passion for yoga in 1996 and then meditation in 2018 completing an Advanced Yoga Nidra Meditation Certificate with the Amrit Yoga Institute.  Pat believes that Yoga is for Everyone! She prides herself on making her Gentle Yoga classes accessible to all no matter their skill level, experience or fitness.

Thanks Pat! I love yoga!
The reason I love yoga so much is because it is the perfect interplay of work, rest, and breath. Perfect interplay of strengthening and stretching….all in one session.
It leaves me feeling both invigorated and rested. No wonder it gives me a sense of well-being. 🙂
Thank you for leading my practice and for the words of wisdom you share at the beginning of each session and throughout.
Have an awesome day!
Alison 2/17/21

Pat’s yoga classes are wonderfully soothing but challenging as well. I always feel energized yet relaxed after her class. My flexibility has increased and I’m taking less ibuprofen. Her classes will change your life!_____Joanne Hamilton-Selway

Pat’s class has helped me a lot with balance and breathing. Pat is totally dedicated with great knowledge of Yoga and Meditation. Her studio is very welcoming.____Susie Harris

I love Pat’s senior level yoga class! It is a deliberate and mindful class that takes you from small warm-ups to strong stretches. I’m so happy to have found Pat’s classes, her guided meditations are wonderful!!_____Ronna Nitsky

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